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  • Weekly 1 on 1 Office Hours coaching sessions
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  •  Step by step Master Class tutorials
  • LIVE community group coaching sessions
  •  Full access to hundreds of topics answered in detail
  • 21 Day Member Kickstart
  •  Monthly book club
  •  The Wrap weekly newsletter and check in
  •  Access to the private, members-only community
  •  Weekly intentions and member challenges
  •  Special member only deals!
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Thoughts & Emotions

It all begins with your mind. Through the right training, resources, tools and practices we calm your thoughts and emotions and tap into inner wisdom and come to decisions with clarity and certainty. 

1 On 1 Weekly Q&A Coaching Sessions

One of the most unique benefits of becoming a member in The Inner Circle is that you'll have the opportunity to work with me 1 on 1 and get coaching, support and detailed responses you need to move forward with your life. 


You deserve to live a life with blooming relationships (both personal and romantic). Together, we frequently dive into the fundamentals of building great relationships full of communication, trust, love and growth. 

Goals & Dreams

Have some dreams and goals?! Want to make them happen? This is the group for you! By implementing strategic and tactical plans we turn those dreams into a reality. 

Body & Behavior

A healthy body cannot be ignored on our journey to live our best life and be fully integrated. This goes far beyond going to the gym. Rather, it's honoring our physical body as the greatest instrument we have and giving ourselves the proper nourishment and care we truly need. 

Productivity & Time Management

The answer is not always about working harder (although that matters!). A lot of the time it's about maximizing your productivity and organizing your life in a way that serves you and not drains you. We dive into the "must know" tactics that keep you on track and moving forward. 

Skills & Tools

Very often skills and tools are completely overlooked in regards to living our best life. Most are never taught the fundamental practices necessary for developing an environment of happiness and success. Tactical Tuesdays Skills & Tools training addresses this issue head on. 

Lessons From The Masters

It's my philosophy that a great coach not only works with you directly to grow + develop, but also connects you to other incredible resources so you can continue your learning. Simply put, you have to learn from The Masters as well! 
Your new training platform & community
Work With Me, Your Coach,  1 On 1
One of the most unique aspects of becoming a member of The Inner Circle is that you can submit your questions directly to my members only inbox and every week I film detailed and customized Member Q&A Coaching Sessions answering your question in depth. 

These sessions are in-depth offerings of distinctions, practices, resources, self-awareness exercises and new ways to approach any situation you find yourself in. 

For the first time ever, you have the opportunity to have a professional life coach in your pocket that you can communicate with directly to make sure you're growing and developing in a healthy and productive way.
Development & Transformation
Clear & Concise
Every week I create new training and content designed to teach you tactical skills and tools, help you learn fundamental lessons, and give you everything you need in order to create a life of success and happiness. 

Easy To Understand
Learning should not be boring or complicated. I take great pride in making every training easy to understand through the use of analogies, metaphors, and humor. The last thing you need is hours and hours of convoluted and difficult to wrap your head around content. 

There's a big difference between what sounds good and what actually works. Everything that you will learn has been battle-tested, vetted and put into practice to ensure that its effectiveness. 

Support & Community
It is my mission to help you get to where you want to go and break through whatever boundaries that have been holding you back. You now have someone in your corner who is fully invested in helping you succeed and move forward in life. 

As a member, you are not "one of the many" but rather a part of an amazing net and community of individuals who are all on a journey to better their lives as well. 

Everyone is here to support you, cheer you on and encourage you to continue moving through any part of life you are in. Each and every single member is committed to maintaining a safe, friendly and supportive community. 
Resources and strategies to build your best life

1 On 1 Weekly Q&A Coaching Sessions

Have a question you really want answered? Need some help? Submit your written questions directly to my inbox and receive personalized and detailed video coaching responses weekly. You now have a life coach in your pocket! 

Monday Motivation Video Series

Straight FIRE & "Dragon energy." Monday’s are one of the toughest days of the week for most people. Not now! I’m going to be giving you an injection of enthusiasm and energy every Monday morning to make sure you take the week on strong! 

 Tactical Tuesdays Skills & Tools Training

Time to get tactical with it! Tactical Tuesdays are all about giving you the exact process necessary to work through common issues, tackle specific obstacles and answer crucial questions about how to develop a healthy and successful path moving forward.

 Step By Step "Master Class" Tutorial Videos

Ready for some depth and a "high level" look at growth + development? Tune into The Master Class as I take a deep-dive into must-know fundamental lessons and teach you how to put them into practice in detail. 

Member Only Weekly Community Challenges

Like a good challenge? Good! We do too. Every week there’s a new challenge to take on that will help you move towards achieving your goals and make sure you stay balanced at the same time. 

The Monthly Book Club 

Don't know what books to read? Up your game with the monthly book club where the community comes together to read and discuss the best of the best books and resources out there. This takes your learning and understanding up a whole new level.

"The Library" Of Hundreds Of Questions And Topics Answered In Detail

Looking for something specific? Dive into “The Library," an extensive and organized video archive of coaching sessions, Q&A responses, topic based teachings, book reviews, Monday Motivations, Tactical Tuesdays, The Master Class and much more!

 "The Wrap" Weekly Newsletter & Check In

A recap of the prior week's content, updated video archives, new resources, closing thoughts and intentions for the new week. Also, get ready for a mental boost right before the week begins to keep you growing and accountable to your intentions. 

 Members Only Accountability Facebook Group

Always wanted a supportive “net” of people who are on their own journey to become the best versions of themselves? Join hundreds of like-minded people all over the world and develop awesome constructive relationships. 

LIVE Community Coaching Sessions & Hangouts

Jump onto LIVE coaching events, vote for topics you most want answered, interact with the rest of the community and get the support and motivation you need. 
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Ready to take things up a notch? The Inner Circle is designed to give you a platform to expand and transform in all areas of your life. 
Been in the game for a while and ready to shake things up? Work with me 1 on 1 and get the new practices, distinctions, resources and coaching you need to accelerate your growth. 
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  • Weekly Tactical Tuesdays, Master Classes and Q&A Sessions
  •  Access to the private, members-only community
  • LIVE community group coaching sessions
  • Monthly book club
  • The Wrap weekly newsletter and check in
  • Weekly intentions and member challenges
  • Special member only deals!
  • And so much more! 
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Frequently Asked Questions
Will this work?
This is the question I get the most and I understand it completely. Let's face it, there's tons of people out there trying to get you to buy into this or that and you've probably had some bad experiences with some in the past (I know I have!) I kept that in mind with creating this group. 

The Inner circle is perfect for people who are looking to take life up a notch or two (or twenty!). You're going to get the individual attention you need, step-by-step plans, in-depth teaching and training, resources that will help you develop and grow and a ton more. 

I could talk to you all night about the different aspects of the group and how they will help you, but above all, I believe it's results that speak the loudest (and it should be that way).

There are countless members of The Inner Circle who have made significant transformations in their lives by utilizing everything the group has to offer (you can see them above) and they will be the first to tell you so. 

So the short answer is...yes. I am 100% confident I can help you and am going to make damn sure of it! 
What skills do I need to have to get the most out of The Inner Circle?
If you can show up and have a willingness to learn, then this group is going to be perfect for you. The Inner Circle content and community has resources and coaching for anyone - beginner to advanced  - and I firmly believe there's no such thing as a stupid question. Everyone is welcome wherever they are at in life and the community is 100% supportive of that. 
Once I become a member, where should I start?
The first thing to do when you sign up for The Inner Circle is join into the private community and introduce yourself to the group and tell us all about you! Everyone will welcome you and you'll feel the support immediately. I've also developed an 21 Day Kickstart program to get you off and running so you'll be firing on all cylinders very fast. 
I've tried a LOT of things before...what makes this different?
They say the teacher and the student meet each other at the perfect time. You are looking for the RIGHT person for you to work with (not just anyone). That makes a HUGE difference. I am very confident I can work with you :)

How often do you release new content?
Every week! But you don't have to digest everything the second it is released. All content is archived in the members area so you don't have to feel any pressure to consume it in real time. It's always available to you. Kinda like Netflix :)!
What if I want to cancel? Am I locked into a contract?
As a member, you can cancel at any time. All you have to do is email me personally and I will take care of that for you! While I hope you stay forever, I despise contracts and would never impose them on my members.
How long can I stay in the group?
You can stay for as long as you'd like. Every single week I'm creating new and unique content so you will never get bored and never stop learning!
How is this going to help me with all the things going on in my life. I have a lot!" Right?
The truth is - I am actually going to help you employ a very effective strategy in dealing with lots of things at once - focusing deeply on bite sized moves that you can make to tackle it all. 

Do you offer a trial?
Yes! I offer a 30-Day credit card required free trial. You get 100% access to everything with no risk at all. I plan to knock your socks off during these 30 days! 

Maybe I should wait until life calms's pretty crazy right now
Life being a bit crazy is exactly when you should join something like this! You need the support and guidance now! Not later. So dive in. - The Better Man Project - All Rights Reserved @ 2018