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After working with Evan for just a few months, and basically a few sessions, my life has completely changed. Yes, I was ready for it, yes, I was willing to do the work, but his guidance, insights and comparisons to the natural world really helped me understand. I can’t believe how my mindset has completely shifted after a relatively short time. I’ve done so many things in the past, and maybe it was already there because of that, but his gentle pushes in the right direction certainly helped finally getting it all in place.

I found Evan's compassion and support from the outset extraordinary.  Before we started our work together I felt lost and worthless. From our very first phone call I knew that this was a journey I had to take in order to grow to become the person I wanted to be in life. I can promise you if you are prepared to do the work the rewards will come in abundance. The work we did was such an integral part of my recovery so much so I believe if I had not undertaking the coaching with him I would still be stuck in my old story or worse..  Now I have a new story which is full of so much love, gratitude, forgiveness, courage and strength to face the world every day with a no matter what comes my way I can do this attitude.

I have been working with Evan for the past three months and have been blown away.  Within the first hour of us ever speaking he was able to pin point exactly what was missing in my life. His approach is different than other coaches I have worked with.  I have seen as well as people around me major changes in my life in the past three months than I have in a long time, I am starting to feel joy again.  In a short period of time, he has changed a big part of my life, and for the first time in a long time I feel a sense of freedom, a sense of serenity, calm, and joy.  I can't wait to see what the next few months will be like!

Working with Evan has been a blessing, a north star. Since you first talk, there is a level of magic that happens that makes you really take a look in, with love, transforming into your own best version of yourself. He's there to accompany me, shows me the path to keep walking, and the wonder and awe to find in myself the true answer. All of these with real goals and tangible tools to keep up.

I've been working with E for about 6/7 months now. I've spoken to many people in the past and no one gets me better than him. He can get under those scabs you have hidden and pull out the hardship so you can heal it. He has helped me recognise that these scabs can keep reoccurring but how to view them with love instead and see them as a learning path that will only make me stronger. I've always been a very negative/glass half empty type of person and Evan has shown me positivity, patience and love. He has taught me to see beauty in everything, encouraged me to meditate - which has changed my life. My family and friends have all noticed my change and my outlook on life has changed for the better.

If you like to make an hour really count, then try talking to Evan.  Started out as a 'why the heck not?' and has been just the right kind of support to get off the plateau I was on and keep climbing towards my goals.  Our conversations are effective in stoking the desire and courage needed to dig into what makes me tick.  Evan always has excellent tools to share and it's always a breeze to sign up for a time slot or just touch base during the rest of week.

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The 1 on 1 Transformational Coaching Program is a subscription based program - subscription is required - (your development takes time!) that begins at $149 a month with all of the services stated in the video above. You can stop the subscription at any time for any reason without charge.  All I ask, as your coach, is that you communicate with me and we will make sure that all recurring payments are stopped promptly. I understand life happens! Further, you can rejoin the Transformational Coaching Program at any time as well.